Seven Modern Trends in Valve Design


valve_designValves are essential in the accurate and efficient flow regulation of gases, liquids and liquidized solids. They are a valuable asset in pipelines and many other processes, utilized in many fields and industries. Chemical companies, as well as oil, gas, power and metal works, have all shown increased demand for valves, and the more innovative, the better. The need to meet industry requirements has led to significant demand causing valve suppliers to reduce production costs and time as well as keeping up with innovative trends.
Industry changes are therefore putting pressure on valve companies to meet demands, which has led to the development of these seven trends.

1. Control Valves

As one of the main design trends control valves production is increased due to the influence of the oil and gas industries. Automation and controlling needs have increased across refineries, and there is now an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.6%. These valves also have value in the deep-sea exploration field, further supporting the increase in their need. When it comes to the design of control valves, all categories are included; the sliding stem valve used by oil and gas companies and the rotating shaft valve used mostly in power generation, water and chemical processing facilities.

2. Smart Valves

For subsea oil and gas operations, it is becoming imperative that more intelligent systems are used with embedded processors and networking ability. As one of the most powerful trends in valve design, this increased reliability and response time allows systems to perform at a high standard. They are the preferred choice over electro-hydraulic control systems because they provide a central control station. The ability to reconfigure pipelines and networking systems allows for the prevention of damages and blockages, giving smart valves an even bigger advantage.

3. Automatic Valve Demand

When choosing a valve type to use there is a lot to consider; leakage rate, nature and components of the matter in the pipes, safety, acceptable flow rates and scale of the operation. Both categories of the valve, standard and automatic, have enough variety that all these considerations can be accounted for. Variations in price and versatility help to differentiate between the available options.

Standard valves are typically leak-free and meet all emission and safety requirements. They are easy to convert to automatic actuation and can then be sued with an automatic actuator, adding to their versatility.

Automatic valves are advancing regarding popularity, however, because of their ability to provide precise flow modulation without the need for an operator. This type of valve includes solenoid, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic and each of these offer advanced preventative capabilities. By doing so, the risks of shut down are eliminated which is a clear advantage over standard valves.
Automatic valves are gaining importance and value in the global market due to the desire for computer-generated systems that are part of the technological changes sweeping the industry.

4. Integrated Electronics

Regarding servo and proportional valves, there is an increasing trend for electronic integration. Currently integrated circuits have powerful processors and digital components which allow for decentralized intelligence. Hydraulic valves are currently being improved with newer mechanical designs. Given that these hold a significant share of valves used the market, these advances are beneficial and give them a direct edge. Digital systems and on-board electronics are featured and can connect to field-bus systems, allowing for more precise results. shows how valve automation has advanced in this informative video:

5. High Performance Globe Valves

The conventional globe valve has had several performance problems such as noise, pressure drops, difficult operation, reduced capacity flow, cavitation issues to name a few. In response to this designers have been developing high-performance versions. Using CFD and FEA simulation tools, they were able to figure out the best way to optimize the valves. New features in CGIS valves will include non-rotating stem design, in-suite seat arrangement and seal-welding of the threaded seat ring, which improves sealing performance and reduces hand wheel effort.

6. Butterfly and Ball Valves

As the most prominent version of quarter-turn valves, butterfly and ball valves are the growing trends. Ball valves can be used in pipelines, gas storage applications, tank farms, offshore production as well as specialized LNG applications. Also a popular choice for offshore installations, the triple offset butterfly valve has diverse applications and supplier trends show that they will target the market further.

7. Increased Usage of Simulation Software

In our technologically driven society, simulation is part of another trend in valve design, given the vast difference it makes in manufacturing. Fabrication costs and development times can be significantly reduced using simulation software. There is no longer a demand for non-standard customized products and there is an increase in requirements, which make simulation a perfect fit for streamlining the design process. 3-D simulation can analyze and test possible solutions without the costs of physically building, testing and changing prototypes.

Main Benefits Of Laser Engraved Signs

laser engraved signs

Signs are something you will look to put money into. You are going to want signs that people can appreciate and see from anywhere. You don’t want to get signs that are going to be average at best because that is not enough in this day and age.

You want to go with laser engraved signs because these will stand out and look as beautiful as you want them to.

Here is more on these laser engraved signs and why they might be the right ones to invest in as a property owner looking for quality.

1) Ideal for All Materials

It does not matter what materials are being used when it comes to laser engravings. You will be okay regardless of what you bring to the service that is going to do this job for you.

Metal, wood, glass, or even fabrics are going to be ready to go with this method.

You will never have to go with another option again, and that is critical in this day and age. You need perfection in that regard. You need something that is excellent from top to bottom moving forward. This is a must, to say the least.

2) Faster

If things were being timed, you would know this is the fastest method right now for producing signs and still maintaining the quality that you are going for. The faster nature of this solution is going to be something you can rely on for a while.

You are going to know this is the best when you start to notice the speeds that are being highlighted for the project.

It will be a tremendous benefit for anyone when you are already looking to set a timeline for when the signs are going to be in your hands.

3) Saves Money

The costs that come along with signs should not be over the top because you are not going to appreciate them at all. The price that you are paying will matter a lot, and that is not going to change for anyone. You have to feel sure about what is going on.

Saving money is a must in this day and age for anyone getting signs made.

You have to save as much as you can because that is going to keep you in good hands in the long-term.

The budget should not be blown away on signs, and this is a cost-efficient method if there ever was one.

4) Beautiful To Look At

If there is one thing a person is going to put money in, it would have to be aesthetics. You are not going to want a sign that is not good-looking when it is put up. It does not matter what materials you are going with or how good it looks in general.

You want it to be perfect because that is all you will care about. The rest is just gravy regarding the value you will be receiving. When you get a beautiful looking sign, you will have a smile on your face.

These are the main benefits that a person could list when they are talking about laser engraved signs. You don’t have to keep going with options that are not going to suit what you are hoping to see. Some people don’t want to go with these signs, and they are not sure about what should be put up instead. If you ever want things engraved a laser is the best option.

Laser engraved signs are a part of the future for property owners that want their property to glimmer under the beauty of the new signs that is being put up.

The Essentials For Good Business Card Design

business card samples

Business cards are the best way of handing out your contact details to potential clients and business partners. Regardless your industry or area of expertise, a business card could help others remember you whenever they need the type of services or products you offer. However, to enter the top of mind of these people, your business cards have to be outstanding and memorable. If they are dull or incomplete, you are just wasting your time and money, as they aren’t going to bring you too many benefits.

The main thing a good business card design should have is readability. Your contact details should be written in a clear typeface, large enough to be entirely visible. The ultimate goal of handing someone your business card is that he or she contacts you later on. If you don’t have this aim in mind when you design your card layout, you won’t be able to achieve it.

one business card on tableThe other thing to consider when designing your business cards is your personal branding and your values. The card should be in line with your main branding elements. If you have a logo, it should be on your business card. If you have a slogan, you should include it, too. However, if there’s too much information, you may want to leave some parts of it out. A very long slogan or byline might hurt your branding anyway, so you must keep things sweet and short. However, if you do have a very long byline, consider not including it in the layout of your business cards, as your primary purpose should be to offer your potential partners your contact details.

“A good business card design should also take into consideration the printing costs.” states Adam Lipton of LinxPrint in Vancouver. “If you know you are only going to need a small number of cards; you may choose a fancy layout with multiple colors and with special effects and glossy layers. However, when you need to hand out hundreds of cards a day, you may want to keep things simple, as this is how you can keep your costs within reasonable limits.”

Some people love double-sided cards, forgetting that they are going to pay almost double for this feature. If you need it, that’s fine. However, if you can comfortably fit all information on one side of the card, why pay for printing out two or three colors on the other hand, when there’s nothing else to add?

Last but not least, you should avoid designing your business cards by yourself, if you don’t have any artistic skills and knowledge. You need your cards to look and feel professional, so you should consider hiring an experienced designer or an agency to help you put together a layout that speaks volumes about who you are and what you can do to help your customers. Artists have an excellent eye for details, so they can quickly help you offer all your contact information, while emphasizing your branding at the same time.

The Most Prestigious Entertainment Awards

Special guest post by Lane Award Manufacturing

When it comes to the world of entertainment, there are many awards and prizes given to those who go above and beyond what is considered average in their field. Many award ceremonies are considered very prestigious, and some ceremonies are even shown in the world of television so the public can see their favorite entertainer awarded. In this article, we will discuss some of these exciting awards and the ceremonies that accompany them.

Various Entertainment Awards

The first award ceremony in the world of entertainment we’ll discuss is the People’s Choice Awards. The People’s Choice Awards is an awards show found in America where the public can vote on people and works in modern culture. The show was started in 1975, and started by Bob Stivers. The first awards were given out to Barbra Streisand, who the year’s Favorite Film Actress, and John Wayne being voted as Favorite Film Actor. In the year 2016, 65 categories were established for People’s Choice Awards. Some categories in this list are Favorite Movie, Favorite Action Movie, Favorite TV Show, Favorite Dramatic TV Actress, Favorite Band, and Favorite Song.

Academy_Award_trophyAnother award ceremony, which is very widely known, is The Academy Awards, or “Oscars.” This is a ceremony that recognizes excellence achieved within the United States film industry and happens to be the oldest entertainment awards ceremony. The academy’s voting membership chooses who wins what awards. Winners of the various categories will receive a golden statuette, nicknamed “Oscar,” but being officially named the Academy Award of Merit. In 2016, the 88th Academy Award Ceremony was hosted by Chris Rock at the Dolby Theatre. Before this award ceremony, a total of 2,947 Oscar awards have been given out.

The statuette given out as a prize, or Oscar, is made of gold-plated britannium and sits on a black metal base. Its height is 13.5 inches, and each statuette weighs 8.5 pounds. This statuette is a knight rendered in the Art Deco style, and he stands on a film reel with five spokes. Each of these spokes represents an original branch of the Academy: Actors, Writers, Producers, Directors, and Technicians.

The Grammy Award (initially known as the Gramophone Award) is the music industry’s version of the Academy Award. This award is given out in an annual award ceremony to honor music artists in the English-speaking music industry. The trophy given out to winners of this award is also gold-plated, depicting a gramophone. While there are many categories in which a winner can receive one of these trophies, the “General Field” are four awards given out that are not restricted by genre. They are Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.

There are other performance awards for those in the entertainment industry that we did not cover, such as the Tony Awards for those who perform on stage, and the Emmy Awards for those who perform on television. Regardless of which form of entertainment, a person belongs in, no doubt it is a goal of everyone to receive a recognition award for their talents!

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Why In House Label Printing Is A Good Idea

label rolls vancouver

If a company has a lot of label printing needs it is best for them to do this in-house. By doing so, they will save time and money. In most cases they can hire someone to be in charge of it or have a system where each person who needs labels can easily make them themselves.

If you would like to do this in your company you will need to have a place where people can print the labels. You will need a good printer and access to use it. You don’t want it to be hidden away in a place no one can get you.

You should also have a bit of a system. If you are hiring someone to do all the printing they need to know what needs to be done on a daily manner. It needs to be organized so that everyone knows what is going on.

If you don’t do the label printing in-house, then you have to find a place like Summit Print to do it for you. Outsourcing your printing of labels will be a greater expense, and then you will have to take the time to get things sent over and then either picked up or mailed to you.

If you can get your own label printer to keep in the office, you can avoid all of that. You can save money and use it for other things that your office needs. You will be able to save time and that is important when it comes to business.

product label stickersWhen you run a business, you want to come up with good solutions and ways to run things when it comes to your business itself and the office the business is run in. If you spend too much time or money on things, then you will get behind and not see as much success as you would otherwise.

It is best to sit down and make decisions that can help your business throughout the year. When it comes to labels, look at how many you make a week, think about the cost and how much time you are currently spending getting them done and go from there. If you don’t require labels that often, you might not benefit for having them done in your office. If you print a lot, it might make more sense to do so.

If you decide to get your printer you should spend some time finding a good one. You want one that can keep up with what you need and that will work well. Check out reviews and go over costs before you decide.

Once you get the printer you need to make sure everyone that will be using it knows how to do so. You don’t want someone breaking it because they didn’t know how it worked. You could just hold a simple training and explain how it is going to work and who will be the people that will be using it.

Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Window Tinting

commercial window film installation

Have you ever thought of window tinting your commercial business? There are actually a lot of unique benefits that come with doing so. A lot of people assume that window tinting is only for vehicles or residential homes. The truth is, there are probably, even more, benefits to commercial window tinting than the other’s mentioned above. In this article, we will be going over some of the key benefits that you are going to get from investing in window tinting for your business.

Benefits Of Investing In Window Tinting:

1. Save You Money.

The main thing that you are going to get from investing in this kind of window tinting is the ability to save a tremendous amount of money. Literally facilities varying from small to large are going to end up saving a lot of money by maintaining a consistent and balanced climate. This is exactly what commercial window tinting is going to do for your building because they will end up blocking out heat and retaining heat.

2. Comfortable Work Environment.

“Another benefit that you are going to get from tinting your windows is the ability to ensure that the building is as comfortable as possible at all times.” points out San Diego window tinting professional Billy Whyte. “Any sunlit environment is going to be subject to all kinds of problems and issues including glare, heat, hotspots, and more. Commercial window tinting is going to end up screening out a significant amount of UV rays and glare from the sun.”

3. Protect Office Furniture.

“The fact is, UV rays are not only harmful for people but also for furniture and other upholstery. By investing in tints for your windows, you are going to be able to better protect everything that is inside of the building. This is going to allow you to have upholstery that lasts a lot longer than it would without it.” says Anthony McLain of Green Valley in Las Vegas, NV.

4. Protect Employees.

Another benefit that you are going to get from investing in this kind of window tinting is the ability to protect yourself and all of your employees from the dangers of harmful UV exposure. Because the tints in the windows will effectively block a majority of the harmful UV rays, your employees are going to experience a much safer environment overall.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with investing in this kind of commercial tinting for windows.

Is Using Vinyl Signage For Your Business A Good Investment?


vinyl banner being printed

In the old days, when shops wanted customers to take notice of their products or to let them know that a sale was going on, they would have distinct banners made for the occasion. Often, these banners were nothing to brag about and simply didn’t spark any enthusiasm in potential customers. The current focus on digital printing and Internet marketing has changed the way we perceive banners and signage, and though they aren’t your only choice for marketing efforts, they’re well worth the investment.

Signs for your business can be manufactured from a broad range of construction materials such as wood or metal, but the most commonly chosen option is vinyl. If you thought vinyl looks cheap or dated hanging in your shop, think again! With modern printing technology, your vinyl banner can display quality text, crisp graphics and bright colors that won’t fade with time.

The Color Quality Is Superior

stand up signVinyl signs of the last century were a far cry from the signs that we see today. The colors were often muted, and the elements weren’t kind to the colors. Within just a few short months, the text often faded away to the point where it was indecipherable. Fortunately, the 21st century brought back vinyl signs, but also forced them to get an update.

The signs that companies produce nowadays are exact copies of the signs you plan on paper. There’s very little regarding color variation, and when you look at a certain logo or graphic on the computer screen, it can be transferred to your vinyl banner in its entirety. Compared to what we were once used to, that’s quite a bit different!

The Durability Of Vinyl

Most signs simply can’t withstand the test of time when they’re exposed to the elements for a long time. Wood can rot and decay, metal can rust, and cloth can become tattered and torn. The fact is, these signs aren’t manufactured for the long-term and manufacturers didn’t take into account that UV rays from the sun can discolor and fade the graphics.

vinyl sign for restaurantJust when we thought all was lost, we developed a new outlook on vinyl signs. These signs are modern and professionally printed, but they can beat the rain, snow, cold, wind, and the sun. Essentially, they are waterproof and can spend years exposed to the elements without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Reuse The Signs Over And Over Again

Many signs are manufactured to promote an individual product or sale that you have going on a regular basis. What happens when you’re done using your vinyl signs? They can be folded up and packed away until you need to use it again. These signs are resistant to the ravages of time, and they can be used again and again.

The only reason that you may need to get rid of your vinyl sign is if it’s simply no longer relevant to your company. On the other hand, perhaps you may still want to hang onto it as years from now, it could become a piece of collectible merchandising history.

Save Money With Vinyl Sign Advertising

It’s wise to advertise through different avenues and of course, you shouldn’t forget to market your company online. However, you can also depend a great deal on local foot traffic. By strategically placing vinyl signs throughout the premises, you can attract more attention from passersby.

People need to be able to identify your business and know what you’re selling or promoting. The only way that you can do that is by displaying banners that attract attention.

Easy To See From Afar

Vinyl banners are large, therefore, easy to read from a distance. There’s nothing quite as cumbersome as having to grab your reading glasses to read a small sign. With a large vinyl sign, this is fortunately not the case, and you will see that many customers indeed favor these large banners to the small printed ones.

When all other arguments fail, it’s well worth considering that vinyl signs are also highly affordable. They won’t even make a dent in your marketing budget. Therefore, you can order quite a few banners to get the most out of your marketing.