The Essentials For Good Business Card Design

business card samples

Business cards are the best way of handing out your contact details to potential clients and business partners. Regardless your industry or area of expertise, a business card could help others remember you whenever they need the type of services or products you offer. However, to enter the top of mind of these people, your business cards have to be outstanding and memorable. If they are dull or incomplete, you are just wasting your time and money, as they aren’t going to bring you too many benefits.

The main thing a good business card design should have is readability. Your contact details should be written in a clear typeface, large enough to be entirely visible. The ultimate goal of handing someone your business card is that he or she contacts you later on. If you don’t have this aim in mind when you design your card layout, you won’t be able to achieve it.

one business card on tableThe other thing to consider when designing your business cards is your personal branding and your values. The card should be in line with your main branding elements. If you have a logo, it should be on your business card. If you have a slogan, you should include it, too. However, if there’s too much information, you may want to leave some parts of it out. A very long slogan or byline might hurt your branding anyway, so you must keep things sweet and short. However, if you do have a very long byline, consider not including it in the layout of your business cards, as your primary purpose should be to offer your potential partners your contact details.

“A good business card design should also take into consideration the printing costs.” states Adam Lipton of LinxPrint in Vancouver. “If you know you are only going to need a small number of cards; you may choose a fancy layout with multiple colors and with special effects and glossy layers. However, when you need to hand out hundreds of cards a day, you may want to keep things simple, as this is how you can keep your costs within reasonable limits.”

Some people love double-sided cards, forgetting that they are going to pay almost double for this feature. If you need it, that’s fine. However, if you can comfortably fit all information on one side of the card, why pay for printing out two or three colors on the other hand, when there’s nothing else to add?

Last but not least, you should avoid designing your business cards by yourself, if you don’t have any artistic skills and knowledge. You need your cards to look and feel professional, so you should consider hiring an experienced designer or an agency to help you put together a layout that speaks volumes about who you are and what you can do to help your customers. Artists have an excellent eye for details, so they can quickly help you offer all your contact information, while emphasizing your branding at the same time.