Is Using Vinyl Signage For Your Business A Good Investment?


vinyl banner being printed

In the old days, when shops wanted customers to take notice of their products or to let them know that a sale was going on, they would have distinct banners made for the occasion. Often, these banners were nothing to brag about and simply didn’t spark any enthusiasm in potential customers. The current focus on digital printing and Internet marketing has changed the way we perceive banners and signage, and though they aren’t your only choice for marketing efforts, they’re well worth the investment.

Signs for your business can be manufactured from a broad range of construction materials such as wood or metal, but the most commonly chosen option is vinyl. If you thought vinyl looks cheap or dated hanging in your shop, think again! With modern printing technology, your vinyl banner can display quality text, crisp graphics and bright colors that won’t fade with time.

The Color Quality Is Superior

stand up signVinyl signs of the last century were a far cry from the signs that we see today. The colors were often muted, and the elements weren’t kind to the colors. Within just a few short months, the text often faded away to the point where it was indecipherable. Fortunately, the 21st century brought back vinyl signs, but also forced them to get an update.

The signs that companies produce nowadays are exact copies of the signs you plan on paper. There’s very little regarding color variation, and when you look at a certain logo or graphic on the computer screen, it can be transferred to your vinyl banner in its entirety. Compared to what we were once used to, that’s quite a bit different!

The Durability Of Vinyl

Most signs simply can’t withstand the test of time when they’re exposed to the elements for a long time. Wood can rot and decay, metal can rust, and cloth can become tattered and torn. The fact is, these signs aren’t manufactured for the long-term and manufacturers didn’t take into account that UV rays from the sun can discolor and fade the graphics.

vinyl sign for restaurantJust when we thought all was lost, we developed a new outlook on vinyl signs. These signs are modern and professionally printed, but they can beat the rain, snow, cold, wind, and the sun. Essentially, they are waterproof and can spend years exposed to the elements without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Reuse The Signs Over And Over Again

Many signs are manufactured to promote an individual product or sale that you have going on a regular basis. What happens when you’re done using your vinyl signs? They can be folded up and packed away until you need to use it again. These signs are resistant to the ravages of time, and they can be used again and again.

The only reason that you may need to get rid of your vinyl sign is if it’s simply no longer relevant to your company. On the other hand, perhaps you may still want to hang onto it as years from now, it could become a piece of collectible merchandising history.

Save Money With Vinyl Sign Advertising

It’s wise to advertise through different avenues and of course, you shouldn’t forget to market your company online. However, you can also depend a great deal on local foot traffic. By strategically placing vinyl signs throughout the premises, you can attract more attention from passersby.

People need to be able to identify your business and know what you’re selling or promoting. The only way that you can do that is by displaying banners that attract attention.

Easy To See From Afar

Vinyl banners are large, therefore, easy to read from a distance. There’s nothing quite as cumbersome as having to grab your reading glasses to read a small sign. With a large vinyl sign, this is fortunately not the case, and you will see that many customers indeed favor these large banners to the small printed ones.

When all other arguments fail, it’s well worth considering that vinyl signs are also highly affordable. They won’t even make a dent in your marketing budget. Therefore, you can order quite a few banners to get the most out of your marketing.